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Recycle Your Sunglass

Let's keep things circular

Consistent with our values at Sayso Shades, we want to close the loop.

We’ve curated the best set of materials to make Sayso Shades sustainable and attainable, but eventually – like all adventure gear – they’re likely to wear out.

When that day comes, we hope you will send them back to us so they can be regenerated into a new pair, instead of ending up in our oceans and landfills.

To show our appreciation for your help keeping things circular, we offer our conscientious customers a 25% discount on the purchase of your next pair of Sayso Shades.

Here’s how you restart the
regeneration cycle:

Step 1

Gather your item:Locate the date of purchase, where you purchased the item and a copy of your proof of purchase.

Step 2

Return:Return at our retail partners or we’ll provide you with pre-paid shipping.

Step 3

Get 25% Off:Once we receive your item you’ll receive a coupon that can be used at or at any of our retail partners.

Have a say-so in how the products you buy impact the planet.

As a purpose-driven brand, it’s not just what we do, but how we do it. From curating the best materials, to forging the right partnerships, to showing other makers the way - we do it all so that customers are empowered to have their say-so.
  • Sustainable

    By sourcing renewable materials, we offer conscientious consumers a sustainable, eco-friendly eyewear option.

  • Curated

    Our products have been meticulously designed, intentionally sourced, and rigorously tested.

  • Attainable

    By optimizing our supply chain, we’re making the sustainable option, an attainable option.

  • Circular

    We’re leading the way in re-thinking product design and consumer choice and serving as a role model for other makers.