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  1. Give eco-conscious consumers a “say-so” – the ability to buy innovative gear they love, without the impact to the planet. And
  2. Encourage other brands to adopt more sustainable sourcing and manufacturing processes by leading the way and modeling it in our own practices.

Core Values

We are allies to the Earth.

People shouldn’t have to choose between cool and conscientious. From product and packaging, to supply chain and shipping, our decision making is planet-first.

We empower people.

Sustainable shouldn’t mean unattainable. Cost should not be a barrier to affording cool, sustainable, eco-friendly eyewear. We want to empower more people to have their say-so. 

We are circular innovators.

We embrace circular principles and source materials that help close the loop. Our brand of innovation is finding renewable materials and eco-friendly methods, building the right supply chains and partnerships, and showing others the way.

We are curators.

We seek to carefully curate the right combination of intentionally sourced, rigorously tested and meticulously designed materials so we can offer an affordable price point without skimping on quality, performance or durability.