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From gym bag to beach bag, from bar top to car top – we know your shades can take a beating.

But did you know that improper care and cleaning can also lead to damaged lenses?

Here’s how to keep them in good shape.

Caring for cutting-edge lenses

Sayso Shades lenses are designed and engineered for optical clarity, are highly impact-resistant and meet rigorous safety standards. Our cutting-edge lens technology uses precise filtering to eliminate virtually all bothersome glare and reflections. Our variety of lens colors formulates light transmission and reflection to provide you with the best lens for your environment and adventure.

To protect your investment and ensure optimal performance, each pair of Sayso Shades comes with a microfiber cleaning pouch made from 100% post-consumer polyester. Not only does the pouch give single-use plastic a second life – using it for cleaning and storage will help preserve the cutting-edge lens technology of your Sayso Shades. For best results, hand wash and air-dry your cleaning pouch regularly.

Cleaning Tips

Regularly cleaning sunglasses removes dirt and oils, keeping your lenses clear and protecting your investment! Here’s how to do it:

  • Step 1Wet sunglasses with warm tap water
  • Step 2.Gently massage lenses, frames and arms with mild dish soap.* Avoid  dish soap with lotion, it will leave a film.
  • Step 3.Rinse sunglasses with warm tap water
  • Step 4.When thoroughly rinsed of all suds, dry sunglasses with a microfiber, lint-free cloth. Avoid drying with paper products or clothing which can scratch lenses.

*Lens cleaner spray that are safe for coated and anti-reflective lenses can be used in place of dish soap. If not, stick with a mild dish soap.